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A short list of reviews from happy customers. Looking forward to adding your review to the list soon!

Matthew demonstrated the ability to deeply listen, adjust expectations as time went on, and always brought a friendly conversational tone to each interaction. I felt that Matthew had my best interests in mind during the time we worked together. – Noel Cross – Principal Software Development

Noel Cross
Principal Software Development ​

When I heard Matt was starting his own company I wasn't surprised at all. He's someone who can get it done when it comes to finding the right talent for the job.

Lauri Di Cicco
Senior Program Manager -Microsoft

I first met Matt when he worked as my recruiting partner to staff a senior level technical program manager role requiring a specialized skillset at Microsoft. I was fairly new to the company and the position needed to be filled urgently. Matt guided me through the process and brought a host of qualified candidates to me for consideration. We filled the role and I didn't put much thought into how smooth the process had gone until a few months later when I needed to staff another position. This time I was partnered with a different recruiter. The process was a nightmare. There were hurdles and complexities I hadn't experienced when Matt was my partner. This is because he navigated them with ease, eliminating issues before they even came to my attention as the hiring manager. It was then I requested Matt be assigned as my recruiting partner once again and like magic, the staffing of this additional role became effortless. From that point on, I insisted Matt and I work together on building out my entire team.


I worked with Matt extensively during 2022 at Microsoft. I was tasked with building a development team from scratch spanning several different technology areas. Matt was great to work with in all facets of the process, whether it was providing guidance on crafting excellent job descriptions, finding and screening excellent candidates for our interviews, providing insight into what it would take to land successful candidates in the competitive market, or just sharing his knowledge in recruiting and hiring. I found Matt to be organized and knowledgeable of both the job market as well as our corporate procedures and rules around interviewing and hiring. Of the recruiters that I've worked with in recent years, Matt was certainly the best and it is our company's loss that he's no longer here.

Ken Cooper
Principal Development Manager – Microsoft

Over the course of two years, Matt helped me build a team of Technical Program Managers, Product Managers and Data Scientists who represent top tier talent in the industry. I'm proud to say my team is also made up of 50% under represented minorities, a statistic which exceeds most teams and companies in the tech industry. Sourcing diverse talent with the right skills is his super power. Making it look easy, and feel easy for the hiring manager, is also where he excels.


I worked with Matthew on a tricky hiring situation where I was hiring to replace myself. I was able to get this established with Matthew quickly and he was able to source several viable candidates. Although we didn't find many candidates in the beginning, he was able to work with me to fine tuning our search and then we had plenty of candidates of candidates to choose from in order to fill the role.


Matthew was the recruiter for my team for about six months. He was able to provide key insights throughout the entire process and be very proactive with the hiring team and candidates. I really like his open and direct approach in dealing with candidates, setting expectations, and managing follow ups. His overall knowledge and understanding of the tech job market is a great asset for any company and hiring managers. I worked with him on multiple open positions in my team. He always took time to understand the role, the expectation of the team, making sure to tailor the job description properly. During the period we worked together, one of the challenges we had to face was the aggressive competition from competitor companies. Matt was great in identify the standout factors in the job role he was working on and, with that, attract great candidates and finally hiring outstanding talents.

Francesco Faggioli
Principal Development Manager -Microsoft​

I highly recommend Matt as a technical recruiter for any organization looking to hire software engineers. He was able to demonstrate a deep understanding of our company's culture and technical requirements, and he worked closely with us to source strong talent. Throughout the recruitment process, Matt was dedicated to finding the best fit candidates for each position, which was evident in the quality of the candidates he brought forward. I believe his technical expertise, collaborative approach, and commitment to excellence make him a valuable asset to any organization looking to hire strong software engineers.

Jason Koh
Principal Software Engineering Lead –Microsoft​

I had the great pleasure of working with Matt to seek out talented computer vision engineers for the Mixed Reality group within Microsoft. Matt’s dedication to his craft absolutely impressed me. Our team was hit hard during the Great Resignation period – where seasoned engineers were leaving the company to pursue external opportunities – and, thus, we had quite an urgency for new talents to join. Competition was fierce at the time; we had a shortage of candidates applying through the official job pipeline, but that did not stop him from finding candidates with skills well suited for the role. He would reach out to individuals via LinkedIn to initiate the connections. In addition, Matt’s willingness to listen and understand candidates’ needs created an environment where candidates felt comfortable in seeking his advice. A candidate we extended an offer to was concerned about funding for the remainder of their master’s program, as their employer at the time offered coverage of the full tuition. A switch in employer would halt the tuition coverage, and they wanted to understand if they could negotiate for a start date after the program’s completion, which was months into the future. That would not work, as our team needed them to start as soon as possible. Matt was able to come up with a creative way to enable the candidate to start as soon as possible and resolve their concern by upleveling the offer, which would cover the remaining tuition cost. Had he not done so, our team could have lost the candidate. All thanks to Matt’s relentlessness in sourcing candidates, the team was able to hire talented engineers despite the intense competition during the time. I would highly recommend Matt to any organization looking for recruiting expertise who prioritizes finding the right people and making the entire hiring process a positive experience.

Han Yee (Mimi) Fung
Principal Software Engineer - Microsoft