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Our Passion

Finding you The Job of your dreams

I have the tools, expertise and savvy to locate the talent that you need right where they sit. I get to know each of my clients’ businesses intimately so that I am able to sell the candidates on whatever it is they tell me will get them to move and join your company. I only provide candidates that are 80% fit or above and are highly vetted as good fits for your culture, company and the role itself.

As a seasoned Senior Technical Recruiter having worked in and for multi-national as well as small staffing firms, I’ve seen it all. I know how to refine and target your job description to find you the talent that you’re really looking for and know where to find the most passive candidates who never post their resume to get a new job.

I love helping people. I have for as long as I can remember as a young boy. My passion is to improve people’s lives – whether that be helping a candidate find their dream role that changes their life, or helping a company hire the talent they need that helps them get to where they want to go faster, it is what gets me out of bed in the morning and drives everything that I do.

I always have my finger on the pulse of the market and have the tools to know where the candidates that you need are currently working and how to get them to change and come work for your company.

Matthew Luensmann



By going the retained search route, I am able to put all of my effort into crafting the right plan to find you the people that you need yesterday. Working in partnership with you, I will advise you as to what I believe the right course of action is to fill your openings when you need them filled, not just with another warm body with skills, but with the right person, who wants to be there, is invested in the company and will be there for the long-term.

Hiring the right talent can be a confusing and frustrating process. I will guide you through it step by step and make it as painless and quick as possible to find you the right people that you need to help you take your company and organization where you want to go.

In my free time, I am a family man and father to three amazing children who always keep me on my toes and moving. I am a giant Chicago Blackhawks hockey fan, and really hockey in general. In the fall, you can find me on Saturday afternoons watching Iowa Hawkeyes football. I’m also an avid reader that is always trying to improve my knowledge around various topics – including the best talent acquisition and recruiting methods, the latest and greatest technology in sourcing and recruiting the highest quality candidates and improving my spiritual walk with Jesus.

List of Verticals

IT/Engineering - Main area of expertise
Legal - Attorneys, Paralegals
Healthcare - Nurses/CNA's
Financial - Accountants, CPA's, etc.

Sample list of industries

Consumer Electronics
App Dev
The list goes on!

The Benefits

Why MJL Recruiting & Consulting?

As a Senior Technical Recruiter, I have a track record of sourcing, screening and presenting the best technical/IT candidates in less than 72 hours from receiving the job order/description. I have worked in both the corporate setting (Microsoft) and the agency setting (Modis/Adecco). I’ve supported mostly Fortune 500 companies and have worked in a couple of companies that were in a start-up mindset.

We live and operate by the golden rule, we are search and sourcing experts, we understand the employee journey, above and beyond – and let’s see if we can get the communication style and streamline and facilitate the interview process sections into one of the others.

  • We treat you as we want to be treated – the Golden Rule
  • We don’t sling resumes to see what might stick
  • We value your time and promise not to waste it on unnecessary submissions, meetings or e-mails
  • We are prompt in our communication.  We reply in less than 8 hours if communication received during business hours
  • We provide status updates on at minimum, a weekly basis
  • We know the questions to ask to gather the information you need to know in making your decision on a candidate.
  • We have a specific line of questioning to identify candidate values and a methodology on determining direct versus indirect communicators
  • We act as an employee of your business – putting it forward in the best light while being honest with candidates about what to expect and directing them to the right people if they have questions
  • Happy to provide curated information about your company to candidates at your request to sell them on why you
  • We go above and beyond, eliminating future sticking points that reduce job tenure and prioritize optimal fit.
  • We ensure that the candidate preference for work location/remote preference matches your expectations to avoid future pain points
  • Through conversation, we do our best to ascertain their career goals and make a concerted effort at reverse-engineering their interim steps to make sure the job you need filled is the best fit for the candidates being presented, both in the short and long term
  • Provide initial feedback (culture fit, goals, future wants/needs) from discussion with candidate for your review prior to moving into the interview process
  • We streamline the interview process to fit your needs, and can be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer
  • This can include: scheduling interviews, getting candidate feedback, and negotiating salary
  • If you have an urgent role, let us know and we will do our best to prioritize it
  • We are search experts, which goes way beyond performing a Boolean search
  • We start with our databases of candidates, organization charts and perform keyword research on the best platforms to find candidates, always on the leading edge of sourcing efforts in places that your competitors may not know exist.
  • We narrow down the list, identify potential candidates with hand-crafted specific messaging (that can be customized to highlight your businesses selling points over competitors) and a sequence of touch points to gain a response, moving the conversation from text to phone
  • Professional and Courteous
  • Honest and Direct
  • Data Driven

We Always Take Care Of Our Clients

We communicate professionally and respond promptly. We respond within 8 hours if received during normal business hours. We don’t believe in unnecessary meetings that could be resolved with a couple of emails.